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STUREC©  Version Release 16.07.15 is available.  Please read the notes on the Download page before downloading. 
The new license year will begin in September. The price for all licenses for 2016-17 will be $500.

Check this out to see what the old man has been up to this summer.  Click here to see the show.

May your jars overflow. Happy summer everyone.

Sheryl from Mount Clemens won the print of Lake Superior taken on the Keweenaw Peninsula near Eagle Harbor.

A new Gallery III. Click the 'View Slideshow' icon then the play arrow.

Click here to review some of our favorite banners from the past year.

We are offering a new feature this year. You can invite Dr. Bob to come sit at your desk and give you a personal lesson and problem solving.
Through the magic of the Internet, you may invite us to 'remote-control' into your computer and give you a personal demonstration as though we
were sitting right next to you. As if we had a really long extension cord on our keyboard right into your office. Here's how it works: you click on
a link on our Links page Remote Control Support - Obtain Client ID  where you will download a small program and obtain a Client ID that will
be used only for our private remote control session.  Then you will tell us your six digit Client ID code, we will type that into our end and -- viola!
we will be connected through the Internet.  We will be able to see your desktop and be able do anything you are allowed do do within your per-
missions.  There is no 'Sign-up' or up-front fees.  We will simply charge your district one dollar per minute for the time we are actually connected.
We will bill your district each quarter for the time used.  We use Remote Desktop powered by FixMe.IT

View Dr. Bob's second book Carol's Garden  Tell me what you think. Dr. Bob

What's this?

Much of the general statistical data for the upcoming Civil Rights Data Collection is already available in report format from STUREC©   
Go to Menu:7.5.3.<2013-14>7.6. Civil Rights Data. There are two reports, run them both.   Link to Civil Rights Data Collection information and  

For those of you who were hoping to take advantage of new rule "388.1606" which would allow you to count certain
youngsters as pupils through age 20 and 21, sorry -- can't do it the simple way. Here is a quote from Rob Dickinson of CEPI.

"For this year, it's going to have to stay a manual addition that the auditors complete as part of the ISD audit. We can't build 
rules into MSDS that would accept these students and not accept ALL 20 or 21 year olds for this year."

States that I have visited.

If you have forgotten how to download and install an update the old-fashioned way, click here.

Did you get a new computer? Is your STUREC© too little? Don't wait for the IT folks, do it yourself WindowsXP 
Or do it yourself Windows7.  How to get the IT guys to help.

The new STUREC© 2014-2015 License year is under way. You will need a Purchase Order number the first time you download.
STUREC© License / Support for 2014-15 School Year  Please read this new license / support document before you download. (You will
see it when you click on the Download button on the download page.)

These additional facilities are currently available...

A good reason for Adult Education?

"We don't know how to retrain workers who are not well-educated to begin with," said Robert J. LaLonde, an expert in 
work force retraining at the University of Chicago. "It (No Worker Left Behind) has to leave workers behind because the 
people who benefit the most in the program are those with higher skills to begin with. We don't know how to do adults 
with no education."

--From an article in the Detroit News

Flowers from home  Gallery I  Gallery II

How to get new UIC
FTE Recipe

STUREC© Manual now on-line thru Menu 7. Menu 8 and the new TSDL stuff will be added as time permits.

Now they tell me!

New lesson: How to create an Excel spreadsheet from a report print file.

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Roscoe the 10 pointer!
Roscoe likes snow.
Meet CindiSue...

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