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STURECİ  Maintenance  Release Version 22.10.25 is available. Please read the notes on the Download page before 
downloading. This is a "Maintenance" update for school year 2022-23. Actually, it is the last update - ever. We are taking
off the gloves and throwing in the towel. You may continue to use the program for as long as you need, you will be
able to adjust the critical setting for your MSDS Export file as the nice folks at CEPI change them each reporting
cycle. However there will not be any more chasing their changes to structure. We are taking the rest of the war off!

The 'Mighty Mac', the most beautiful bridge in the world, eh?

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Here is a group of friends for over 60 years. Class of 1962

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What's this?

States that I have visited.

If you have forgotten how to download and install an update the old-fashioned way, click here

Did you get a new computer? Is your STURECİ too little?   How to get the IT guys to help.

These additional facilities are currently available...

What's the deal on Adult Ed and the state this year, eh?  Well, you asked for it. With this update you will be 
able to access the MSDS stuff for adults as well as youngsters.  You may now Create a UIC Request file 
since CEPI finally published the new specs for this year.  Read the messages and answer the questions 
as appropriate to guide you.  There is NO export file for adults and no FTE worksheet.

A good reason for Adult Education?

"We don't know how to retrain workers who are not well-educated to begin with," said Robert J. LaLonde, an expert in 
work force retraining at the University of Chicago. "It (No Worker Left Behind) has to leave workers behind because the 
people who benefit the most in the program are those with higher skills to begin with. We don't know how to do adults 
with no education."

--From an article in the Detroit News

How to get new UIC
FTE Recipe

STUREC© Manual now on-line thru Menu 7.

Much of the general statistical data for the upcoming Civil Rights Data Collection is already available in report format from STUREC©   
Go to Menu:7.5.3.<2018-19>7.6. Civil Rights Data. There are two reports, run them both.   Link to Civil Rights Data Collection information 

Now they tell me!

New lesson: How to create an Excel spreadsheet from a report print file.

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The History of STUREC©

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