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You See, I See, we all scream for UIC

Quick review on how to create a "UIC Request" file and import the results back into your database.
Start at Menu: UIC Request file. Select the appropriate reporting cycle.

Answer "E" Empty only. When it finishes collecting all active records without a valid UIC, you will see a
message like this. It will have the name of "X" + <isd code> + <district code> + <cycle> + <year> + "RequestUIC"
and the extension of ".xml" and will be found in your Export folder which is inside of your Sturec folder.

That's it! Next step would be to fire up your email client and send this file (as an attachment) to whomever
in your district handles that sort of thing. If that is you, you are ready to upload it to CEPI.

When the processed file is returned to you, save it into the Import folder which is inside of your Sturec folder and run...

You will be asked to navigate to the file you want to import. In the STUREC(c) file finder, select the IMPORT folder. simply select the file you want to import. The one that was returned to you from CEPI. Check the date and name
to make sure you are processing the correct file. Somtimes your district or CEPI will change the name slightly.

Select the file and "get 'er done!" When it finishes you will see a message similar to this.

If it says your replaced zero records you may assume something went wrong. Possibly you selected the file from a different
reporting cycle, perhaps you district sent you the wrong file. When everything goes right, it's a beautiful thing, when it doesn't
you will have some detective work to do. If, after a fair try, you just can't get it to work, let us know before you waste too much time.

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