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FTE Recipe

Here is a recipe for success in a step-by-step format.

Step 1. Menu:7.3.4. FTE Hours Required. Make sure your Age Break is 20, Participant hours are 450 and Pupil Hours are 1098. Decimals should be set to 2 and answer Yes to turn on the Help flag for rule checking. Makeup hours is No.

Step 2. Run Menu:5.8.1. Recalculate Classes for the current period and 5.8.2. Recalculate Students for Attendance and Enrolled Hours for the current period.

Step 3. Run  a Class Status Report from Menu:5.3.1. for the current enrollment period, take All classes and None for FTE or Attendance. Look at the report and make sure that the Total Class Meetings, Hours per Meeting and Total Class Hours are correct. If not, correct via Menu:5.2. Class Setup Procedure.

Step 4. Make sure that all of your attendance is entered through the 4th Wednesday after Count Date.

Step 5. Menu:8.1.Audit Student Worksheet. Select appropriate parameters; Pupils or Participants, current enrollment period, Yes for Rule Checking and Manual mode. Press Escape when Selections pop-up -- do not make any selections. Press Enter +  Enter to find the first student in the criteria. Read the RED line at the bottom of the dialog. STUREC(c) will guide you to the correct values. If you disagree you should put in whatever value you believe to be correct.

Remember: If you have both Participants and Pupils you must do these operations for both types of funding.

Step 6.Menu:8.5. Create Bedsheet Print file. You need to do this after you finish the Manual (or Automatic) audit process and before you try to print any reports. Take all of the Defaults for whatever questions are asked. This will provide you with the DS-4061-A Summary report when it finishes.

Step 7. Generate Bedsheet reports at Menu:8.5. You will be presented with a Bedsheet Directory and asked to select a source file from which to print reports. All of the files are named "srfte" + 1 Pupils or 2 Participants + the enrollment period code and the extension of "PUP" for Pupils and "PAR" for Participants. Look at the date, it should be the date you last created a bedsheet print file. You may be asked if you want to limit to one Status Code, answer No. Do you want to include student Social Security Number, probably not. Do you need Course Codes to be printed on the report, answer appropriately. Answering Yes will double the size of the report. Finally you will be presented with Bedsheet Printout options. Select as needed. If you don't know what an option means, print it out an learn.

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