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FTE Reporting


Printing Issues

FTE Basics Enrollment Periods
The Section 107 Follow-up Report
Count on snow days

MSDS Reporting

How to for any cycle
How to get UIC
How to do TSDL
How to Fix your Default Exit error

  Printer Control Codes
Carefree printing from STUREC©
Configuring the Windows 98 Print Manager
Printing directly to any Windows Printer

New links to other ideas.

How to print to a network printer from an MS-DOS program in Windows XP

New link to another idea about network/USB

Links to other possible solutions.



General Help

Downloading STUREC© Updates
Installing STUREC©
STUREC© and Novell® networks
Moving STUREC© to a new computer
The why & how of backups
Backup to a CD-ROM

XP Help

Installing and Configuring DOS programs
Manage your STUREC© icon

  Reference Manuals
Creating a new Academic Year
Creating the Master Course Catalog
Defining the Graduation Requirements
Setting up Regular Classes
Setting up Learning-Block(lab) Classes
Using Alternate Class Scheduling
A word about Academic Grades

Special Class Review 
Working with a student class schedule

Create an Excel spreadsheet from a report




Calling for Help
STUREC© Support Policy for 06-07
Secret life of HotKeys
Previewing reports on-screen
Periodic Maintenance
Suggest a new feature or enhancement
How do the new High School Graduation Requirements apply to you?
  "Corruption Detected" messages
Error messages and their meanings
Sending your data in for analysis

More info

If you would like to report an error message, or other problems with STUREC©, please use our handy-dandy Bug Report Form. If you would like to suggest/request new or different functionality or behavior for STUREC©, then please use the Request for software modification form.
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